Stump Grinding to Remove a Tree Stump

tree stump removal

Stump grinding is the removal of the root plate of the tree and a key part of tree stump removal. This can be a very laborious task for home and land owners, especially for those that have no experience with the process. Therefore it is better if you pay a tree surgeon to remove a stump either when convenient or when they are felling the tree.

When to Remove a Tree Stump

Tree stumps can be physically removed at any time. Paying tree surgeons when they are felling the tree to remove the tree stump as well is the most convenient way to remove stumps. However it is best that you get the tree stump removed as soon as possible because it will eventually start to decay. The tree stump will start to attract termites, wood borers and insects such as ants and beetles.

When cutting down a tree generally there is a stump left behind. This needs removing using special machinery- this is known as stump grinding. The machinery used is a stump grinder. They are moderately sized machines which are mounted on heavy duty wheels connected with a long handle. The handle enables the user to push as well as pull the machine. While being powered by an engine the machine has a sharp blade underneath. This is used to cut the stump. The machine starts to cut the stump and turns the wood into sawdust, as it is easier to remove from your property.

After the Tree Stump Has Been Removed

Once the tree stump removal process is complete, home or land owners can then fill the hole with soil and turf and cover the hole up to ground level. This is then not a potential hazard, especially if the tree stump was small as it can be hard to see. Also your garden is now a safer place for everyone.

After the tree stump has been removed it can make a big visual and practical difference to your commercial or private property, either by giving you more space or making the area appear more attractive.